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Black Repro Vintage Bowls

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Curate an elegant, storied space with our thoughtfully crafted collection of decorative dishes and bowls, designed to transform clutter or be displayed as unique decorative accents. Peruse a vast selection of unique, eye-catching pieces created to stylishly streamline a space of any design scheme, including platters, plates, footed containers, feeders, animal-shaped vessels, and so much more. Choose from a wide array of materials from reclaimed wood and cast iron to terracotta and ceramic, and styles from mid-century modern and coastal to classic farmhouse and cottage. Elegantly stow unsightly odds and ends, or display treasured trinkets with decorative storage that is sure to impress. This set of wood nesting bowls showcases vintage-inspired silhouettes in four sizes with a textured finish. Display in a living space of any style from farmhouse to vintage. Intended for decorative use only. Made from wood.


Small: 8” Round

Medium: 12” Round

Large: 16” Round

XLarge: 18” Round



Many of our products are either vintage or reproductions and made here in the United States as well as locations around the world. Feel free to inquire!

Please refer to any size chart or size approximations we provide.


Shipping times vary, please look at the estimates provided during checkout.

Our shop is in Geneva, IL, 60134!